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My training philosophy is...

  • Love your dog! 
  • Watch and listen to your dog! 
  • Know your dog!
  • Effective communication - clear, concise commands used consistently in a loving environment will create the best relationship you could ever hope for!

I also believe....

  • Dogs are far more intelligent than people are willing to admit and they are usually willing to do whatever they can to preserve and enhance their relationship with humans.
  • It is up to the humans to make sure that they understand and communicate effectively with their dogs  - to do less is an injustice to the dog!
  • Dogs, like humans just want to have fun!  The more fun they have doing something the more likely they are to continue doing it  - So, "LET'S HAVE SOME FUN"!

My training methods include...

  • I use positive, motivational techniques, reinforcing with high quality rewards such as food, praise, and real life rewards.
  • I teach the owners the proper commands, vocabulary, markers and rewards to get the most from their dogs, while keeping it fun and rewarding for everyone!

Once you experience professional dog training, you will wonder why you waited until now. I look forward to working with you and your dog.


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